Custom Pneumatic Pressure switch for Safety Valve Application

Client Requirements: A leading customer in the pneumatic safety valve industry had been using a pressure switch that was rated to 1,000,000 cycles. They were looking for an alternative product that is capable of meeting a minimum of 20,000,000 cycles due to new potential regulatory standards. This customer provides their products internationally. As such, they have a high demand for quality and reliability demand in order to meet multiple regulatory standards.
The client also identified that the existing switch could occasionally be misused by customers for which they have seen physical damage to the switch by an excessive external load. As such, they wanted a smaller profile to minimize the potential damage.

Our Solution: Upon identifying the technical parameters required, we designed a robust switch that was capable of exceeding their cycle count requirement. The switch was tested to over 100,000,000 cycles without failure. Instead of using a traditional micro switch-based design, we had designed a custom solid-state unit that resulted in significant functional improvement. The customer was really impressed that Anfield was able to not only meet the technical requirements but also provided a very competitive solution. Additionally, we were able to reduce the overall profile size by 40%. This also enabled them to provide a more compact system to the customer. All custom projects are supervised by our engineers during production rollout to ensure that all requirements are met to desired specifications. Proper protocols are followed to ensure consistent quality of product delivered.

Stages in Design and Manufacturing of a Custom Pneumatic Pressure switch for Safety Valve Application

Product Description This Pneumatic pressure switch was custom designed and is used for safety valve application.
Capabilities Applied/Processes Research & Design
    • Had Discussion w/ Client to Understand all Requirements
    • Perform Research & Development to Identify any Design Changes That Could be Recommend to Improve Existing Design
    • Generate Conceptual Design for Customer Approval
    • SolidWorks Utilized to Generate 3D CAD Models
Prototype Manufacturing
    • Machined Components and Purchased Components to Integrate
    • Design a Test Unit to Test as  Prototype
    • Submit to Client for Evaluation
    • Manufacture First Article Prior to Full Production Run
    • Machining
Product Launch Evaluation
  • Perform Evaluation based Off of Customer Feedback for any Production Improvements
  • 20,000,000 cycles
  • Compact size
  • Hot and Cold Water Use
In-process testing/inspection performed
  • Cycle Testing
  • Pressure Testing
  • Thermal Testing
Industry for Use Safety Valve Application, Pneumatic
Product Name Custom Pneumatic Pressure Switch

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