Differential Switch for the Filtration Industry

Client Requirements: The client required a differential switch with both electrical and visual indicators to inform the user when a system required maintenance. We developed a product that could meet our client’s technical and economic specifications, including compact design, specified range of set points, cost-effectiveness and filter specific, by using modular components. 

Our Solution: After meeting with the client to approve 3D CAD models of conceptual designs, prototypes were created for evaluation and pressure and cycle testing and client satisfaction. We used the additional feedback to finalize and perfect the design. The final product had the added benefit of reducing production costs, further lowering the prices which satisfied everybody’s requirements.

Stages in Design and Manufacturing of a Differential Switch for the Filtration Industry

Product DescriptionThis differential switch is used within a(n) hydraulic filtration application.
Capabilities Applied/Processes

Research & Design

  • Had Discussion w/ Client to Understand all Requirements
  • Perform Research & Development to Identify any Design Changes That Could be Recommend to Improve Existing Design
  • Generate Conceptual Design for Customer Approval
  • SolidWorks Utilized to Generate 3D CAD Models

Prototype Manufacturing

  • Machined Components and Purchased Components to Integrate
  • Design a Test Unit to Test as  Prototype
  • Submit to Client for Evaluation


  • Manufacture First Article Prior to Full Production Run
  • Machining

Product Launch Evaluation

  • Perform Evaluation based Off of Customer Feedback for any Production Improvements
Features/RequirementsCompact Design
Accommodate Specific Set Points
Designed to Fit Specific Filters
Features/RequirementsUnder 150PSI Pressure
WRAS Approval
Hot and Cold Water Use
In-process testing/inspection performedBurst Pressure Testing
Cycle Testing
Industry for UseFiltration
Standards MetCustomer supplied specifications
Product NameDifferential Switch