Custom Pneumatic Transducer for Alarm System

Client Requirements: Customer in the medical industry was using a traditional transducer that had quality issues and wanted added features to prevent human errors during installation of their system. The client’s application utilizes many different types of media and wanted a method of having a fail-safe detection such that the proper gas is identified as being properly connected to the system. A traditional transducer was not able to provide this feature.

Our Solution: Upon understanding the application and client’s requirements, we had provided them with a custom transducer solution for which the transducer is able to transmit a signal on a periodic basis that would signal the system that the correct gas has been connected. This is an added feature that had helped the customer reduce a failure mode. We had also increased the reliability of their system by providing them with a high-quality sensor that met their cycle count expectation.

Stages in Design and Manufacturing of a Pneumatic Pressure switch for Safety Valve Application

Product Description This Pneumatic Transducer was custom designed for Alarm System
Capabilities Applied/Processes Research & Design
    • Had Discussion w/ Client to Understand all Requirements
    • Perform Research & Development to Identify any Design Changes That Could be Recommend to Improve Existing Design
    • Generate Conceptual Design for Customer Approval
    • SolidWorks Utilized to Generate 3D CAD Models
Prototype Manufacturing
    • Machined Components and Purchased Components to Integrate
    • Design a Test Unit to Test as  Prototype
    • Submit to Client for Evaluation
    • Manufacture First Article Prior to Full Production Run
    • Machining
Product Launch Evaluation
  • Perform Evaluation based Off of Customer Feedback for any Production Improvements
  • 20,000,000 cycles
  • Compact size
  • Hot and Cold Water Use
In-process testing/inspection performed
  • Cycle Testing
  • Pressure Testing
  • Thermal Testing
Industry for Use Pneumatic Medical Industry
Product Name T200/T201 Pressure Transducer Modified unit – Please contact Anfield for details

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